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Image reconstruction from projections

This article covers the problem of reconstruction of structures from data collected based on transmitted or emitted radiation. The problem occurs in a wide range. Main article: Magnetic resonance imaging. In MRI, energy from an oscillating magnetic field is temporarily. These computer methods are designed to solve the inverse problem known as " image reconstruction from projections". This paper uses the various models of.

problem known as “image reconstruction from projections.” The major subfields of ECT are positron emission to- mography (PET) and single-photon emission. 5. helmikuu The image is not seen by the scanner, but it's projection profiles are Figure 1: Image reconstruction from projections (negative images). 2 PET, SPECT, CT. 3 Basic Idea: Projections. 4 Analytic Image Reconstruction. Backprojection. Filtered Backprojection. 5 Iterative Image Reconstruction.

Image Reconstruction from projection is a special class of image restoration problem. Where a 2D object is reconstructed from several 1D projections. The set of projections of a single slice is called sinogram. 2nd step = image recontruction from projections. There are 2 groups of reconstruction methods. Image reconstruction from projections suffers from an inherent difficulty: there are different images that have identical projections in any finite.